Freudenberg · Social Media Guidelines

Raising awareness for an adequate behaviour of employees in social networks with e-learning

The Freudenberg Group develops high-quality technical products for various applications, ranging from chemicals and textiles to highly specialized seals and components for the automotive industry. Freudenberg represents creative technical solutions of excellent quality. The company aims to convey this brand image into the digital world, including professional networks like LinkedIn.

However, social media use also present pitfalls. Therefore, employees should adhere to certain guidelines when acting as members of the Freudenberg Group on social networks. To train these digital guidelines with flexibibility and in a scalable manner, Freudenberg commissioned p-didakt to create a digital training program on "Freudenberg Social Media Guidelines."

Target group // All staff with a digital identity
Production tool // Articulate Storyline
Languages //
German & English

The digital guidelines presented in the e-learning include topics such as copyright, fairness towards colleagues, customers, and competitors, as well as confidentiality obligations. Additionally, learners will discover how to safely label their private opinions on professional platforms.

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Design of the training on the LinkedIn platform in a scribble style

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Reflection on one's own communication using real-life examples

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Drag-and-Drop Interaction "Private Communication / Corporate Communication"

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Like / Not Like interaction with feedback text

The short module (25 minutes) engages the learners with an immersive learning experience. The interface mimics the well-known professional network LinkedIn. Typical social media features like liking and sharing have high recognition value in the sketched interface. At the same time, the module does not focus on specific functions. By deliberately avoiding storytelling, the focus of the module is not set on prohibitions and dangers. Instead, recommendations are presented hands-on in a very practical manner.

This implementation makes the module very engaging and effectively supports the practical transfer of Freudenberg's Social Media Guidelines.

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