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Sönke Petersen:

In tune with customers, in tune with the market and in tune with his colleagues, Sönke steers the process all the way from the initial requirements to the solution with a steady hand – and he goes the extra mile, too. The secret of his success is his knack of asking the right question at the right time. After many years in managerial roles in training academies and media agencies, he started specializing in training services for businesses with p‑didakt in 2005. His personal philosophy in consultancy, as in his life in general, is to make carefully considered decisions.

Lukas Adam:
Project management

Believe us – if you are looking for genuine specialists in authoring tools, then you need look no further. We hunted for a long time – and then Lukas came along. He pushes back the boundaries of tool standards with great aplomb. He searches tirelessly for the optimum instructional design solution. Project managers and customers alike love his clarity and his ability to see the big picture and think outside the box – skills that not all media communications graduates necessarily offer. We reckon that Lukas tops up his serenity levels and vision every weekend, when he goes paragliding and enjoys a bird’s-eye view of the world. With Lukas, we not only have one problem fewer – we also have one more world of solutions.

Stefan Baumgart:

His calm exterior conceals a core of true strength. His wealth of experience has taught him that nothing beats a meticulous, farsighted approach. He has seen, set and developed many standards, which makes his assessment of challenges and solutions particularly valuable. What’s more, his training as a multimedia information scientist also comes into play – not to mention his experience in media education and content production. When he wants to switch off from work, he turns to music – whether that means vinyl, going to a gig or doing a stint as a DJ.

Sandra Bergner:
Office management

You know that feeling when somebody comes along, understands what’s needed and gets down to it – and, in next to no time, you feel that wonderful sense of relief wash over you? That’s exactly what Sandra does. It’s partly thanks to her years of hands-on experience in the haulage industry – but we suspect she’s also a natural-born "doer". Sandra’s special attributes also include her reliably good humor and her solid training experience that she can always pull out of the bag. Oh, and speaking of bags, she even finds the energy to sew her own – and they reflect her humor, creativity and professionalism perfectly.

Nina Drews:

What might a learning path look like in the LMS? Which reports can be generated? How do you set up a client? There aren’t many aspects of these areas that Nina hasn’t come across before. That’s why she can answer questions so quickly and precisely. This means she has more time to devote to systematically working toward an LMS decision that will be good for the long term, or to providing support for the rollout. And who doesn’t switch off in the evenings by knitting – using an Excel chart as a knitting pattern – or lying on the sofa reading Japanese mangas in the original?

Jasmin Hamadeh:

She could easily introduce herself at e-learning conferences with #instructionaldesign #enthusiasm and #targetgroup. What’s more, she sometimes does. Nothing gives her more pleasure at a workshop than those "aha" experiences and the joy of working together and coming up with really good solutions. She also loves to go the extra mile to really get things moving with her presentations and concepts. People sometimes wonder where she gets her ideas from. She tells us they come to her when she’s out jogging along the banks of the Elbe.

Jessica Hartleb:
Project management

How can somebody bubble over with energy – and yet still be calm and focused? Jessica shows us exactly how it’s done. Her commitment is strongly driven by her great respect for other people and their potential. What a stroke of luck that, alongside her other loves in life – work, sport, literature and her family – she discovered her passion for continuing education and training. When her knowledge and skills from process management, her Masters in "Management and design of learning systems" and "Work and organizational psychology" coincide with digital projects, she bubbles over with ideas. And what are her superhero skills for managing projects in a focused way in among so much diversity? Clarity and discipline. Bingo!

Melanie Lahmann:
Project management

A customer-centric approach, a fast response to new requirements and a high level of resilience even in complex projects – these are the qualities that Melanie brings with her from her previous agency experience. She never loses sight of the big picture in projects – but she also has a keen eye for the small details. Confidently moderating workshops with a great deal of empathy comes completely naturally to her. Early risers will find her at the river Alster even before sunrise.

Margot Reis-Urmersbach:

Her mindset attracts international projects. She is at ease not only in many languages and countries, but also in worlds such as xAPI, big data and AI. This is a huge win for LMS consultancy. Her pragmatic, hands-on approach gives everyone confidence that even complex topics can be mastered. The challenges she relishes above all are bureaucratic obstacles & stakeholder diversity. Anybody who deals with these challenges by day has earned the right to crank up their music by night. And that’s exactly what she does.

Gesche Wilhelmi:
Project management & creation

It’s so refreshing when one person can offer that winning combination of concept and visualization. Gesche takes ideas and transforms them into images – including moving images. That’s what can happen when you recruit a multimedia expert. In addition to project management, she also takes on special assignments for film and graphics and accomplishes them with great aplomb. She’s equally committed when it comes to her free time, planning and running some very special cultural festivals. Hats off to her!

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